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Ultrasonic Pest Repellers - Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

It’s important to understand that the traditional approach to pest control is to kill the mouse or rat. However, there is one huge problem with this approach. It is not preventative!

Killing the rodent intruder once they are in or around your home is really taking action too late. What we should actually be doing is preventing the mouse or rat from even coming near our home in the first place.

Using Sound Waves To Banish Pests

Of course in days gone by there was no surefire way of keeping mice and rats away. We are now in the technological age however and there is a very simple principle that can keep unwanted pests away from your home. Put simply the solution is sound!

All species of animal have different hearing ranges. For example a dog can hear sounds within the 67-45,000 hertz sound range. For a human it’s anything within the 64-23,000 hertz range.  This means that there are sounds we can’t hear that dogs can!

When we apply this principal to rats and mice we find that rats can hear sounds with the 200-76,000 hertz range, while mice can hear sounds in the 1,000-91,000 hertz range. This difference in the hearing range of rodents allows us to target them with sounds which to them are unpleasant but not harmful.

The effect of this sound is to repell the unwanted rat or mouse from the source of the sound. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s been tested thoroughly and it really does work!

My Experiences With Ultrasonic Pest Control

There are now ultrasonic devices available on the market which will make your home a no-go area for rats and mice. Some are more complex than others and the more sophisticated models will normally have multiple speakers and will cycle the sound so that the mouse or rat can’t simply get used to the sound and ignore it.

And because the device only targets the hearing range of rats and mice, other animals are unaffected. Indeed they won’t hear a thing and neither will you. It’s the perfect solution to get rid of rats and mice because it’s humane and it also means you don’t have to come into contact at all with the pest in question.

Ultrasonic pest repellers are one step better than the humane mouse trap because they prevent rather than cure the problem.

I have only recently started using an ultrasonic system and so far I have been very happy with the results. I had noticed mouse droppings in a certain area of my home and rather than use the Rat Zapper I decided to try an ultrasonic device instead. A week later and there are no mouse droppings at all!

I tried a triple speaker system from Agrizap products and can highly recommend this form of electronic pest control to anyone looking for a humane solution to mice and rats!
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