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Humane Mouse Traps - What's The Story?

There are quite a few people who do like the idea of traditional mouse traps but that do not want mice running around their house. Mice can cause havoc and chew on cables, get into cereal boxes and generally become a hazard to health!

Traditional Mouse Traps & Poisons

The traditional approach was always to put down either spring loaded traps or poison. Both of which have their own drawbacks. Spring loaded traps can be difficult to set and don’t always go off. Sometimes the mouse or rat can take the bait right off the trap without setting it off.

When these traps do go off there is no guarantee that they will in fact kill the mouse or rat. Often they only wound the rodent and cause suffering to them. If the mouse is big enough and survives triggering the trap they can sometimes take the trap with them. There is also the rather unpleasant situation where the mouse is killed as planned but the kill is messy.

Coming home to mouse remains splattered everywhere is not only unpleasant but also a health hazard. The spring loaded traps don’t care if the mouse suffers because they are a rather primitive device.

The various rodent poisons don’t offer a better solution. The problem with poisons is that you have no control where the mouse will die. It eats the bait and then scurries off. The mice then die, often under your fridge, cooker or wherever else they can squeeze.

Kill Or Capture?

When deciding on a solution to your mouse or rat problem, it’s important to decide early on if you want to kill or if you plan to release. If you plan to catch and release there are several live traps on the market.

These are essentially cages where the mouse or rat will trigger a mechanism to close the cage door. Of course releasing the mouse or rat to close to your house can just mean they return, so be sure to release some distance away from your home.

If you are prepared to kill the mouse or rat then an electric mouse trap is a humane way of trapping and killing the rodent quickly and effectively without any unpleasant mess.

Electronic Mouse & Rat Traps

An electronic mouse trap works by sensing the mouse or rat in the trap when they enter to eat the bait. The device then administers a deadly electric shock which kills the mouse or rat instantly. This is so much more humane than spring loaded or sticky mouse traps. It is also a lot quicker and more humane than poisoning.

From personal experience I would recommend the Rat Zapper as a humane mouse trap. It works well and makes disposal of the dead mice simple. The Rat Zapper Classic is ideal for mice and small rats. If you have a problem with larger rodents including large rats I would recommend the Rat Zapper Ultra.

In this day and age there is no need for unwanted pests like mice and rats to suffer. Buying a Rat Zapper deals with the problem of unwanted rats and mice and is even more effective when used alongside an ultrasonic pest repeller.

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