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Electronic Mouse Trap - Good Or Bad?

The first mouse traps appeared way back in 1894 when William C. Hooker invented the first spring loaded traps. The classic spring loaded design was innovative back then but in these days of technological wonders we can do a lot better.

The Problem With Spring Loaded Traps

One of the problems with the classic mouse trap is that it is difficult to set. Although modern traps are powerful enough to kill a mouse they are unlikely to break a human finger. However, that doesn’t stop the heart racing when one goes off while trying to set it up.

Personally, I have found that even so called “easy set” mousetraps are easily triggered when you are setting and placing them.

This is not the only disadvantage to classic mouse and rat traps. They often make a mess of the job of killing the rodent. The last thing most people want to find first thing in the morning is mouse blood and guts all over the floor.

There are also the unfortunate times when the mousetrap doesn’t kill its intended victim. The spring loaded trap is an unintelligent device and can just as easily break a rodent’s leg as it can their neck. This inflicts a great deal of suffering on the mouse or rat and can hardly be considered humane.

What About Those Sticky Mouse Traps?

So what are the alternatives to the classic mice traps? Well you may have seen those sticky rodent traps which use a very strong glue substance to catch the mouse. The problem with this method of catching a mouse is that it is also inhumane.

Mice, just like any living creature will try anything to escape once caught. It’s not uncommon for mice to tear off toes or feet to escape a sticky trap. Some mice are also big enough to drag the sticky trap along with them. Plus smaller mice can sometimes run straight over a sticky trap. It’s all a bit cruel and imprecise considering we are now in the technological age.

What's Needed Is A Modern Solution

It seems the answer should be something electronic. Perhaps something electronic that knows when a mouse is inside and exactly how to kill the mouse quickly so it doesn’t suffer unnecessarily. We need a humane mouse trap that also prevents any mess and make it easy to dispose of the dead mouse that would be great to!

Fortunately there are now electronic mouse traps that are able to sense when the mouse is present and can trap and kill these unwanted pests instantly. The mouse doesn’t suffer and there is no mess. The mouse or rat enters the device and is instantly killed with a high voltage electric shock.

There are several electric mouse traps on the market but I have personally found the Rat Zapper to be the most effective. It’s easy to setup and works every time. If you have a mouse or rat problem in your home I highly recommend purchasing either the Rat Zapper Classic or Rat Zapper Ultra to deal with your infestation. If you can use the Rat Zapper along with ultrasonic pest control then it's even better!

It’s humane to the rodent and prevents a nasty mess in your home. Plus it makes disposal of the dead mouse or rat as simple as tipping the contents of the device into the trashcan.

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